South Riding Office: 703-722-1000   •   Manassas Office: 703-369-5000

South Riding Office: 703-722-1000
Manassas Office: 703-369-5000

Well Child Exams

Routine well child exams are provided at our office staring with very first visit for newborn after being discharged from hospital. We will discuss with you routine care for your child and all preventions, diet and healthy life style. Childhood immunizations will also be provided during this visit as indicated.

Other Services

Our providers can help you with numerous other symptoms and medical conditions and preventions, too numerous to mention here. Dr Desai and his team is here for you to help you with any and all of your health concerns. It will be an honor to take care of you and you family.

EKG and Blood Work
PAP smear
Flu Shots
Primary Care